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OPEN 10:00am - 6:00pm Wednesday through Saturday



We have the Largest Selection of Recumbent Bikes & Recumbent Trikes in NY State


Would you like to test ride SWB, LWB, OSS & USS recumbent cycles (bikes) and recumbent trikes from manufacturers like; Linear, Bacchetta, RANS, Lightning, Easy Racers, Longbikes, Challenge, HP-Velotechnik, Maxarya, Sun and recumbent tricycles (trikes) from Catrike, TerraTrike - WizWheelz, Trice ICE, Greenspeed, HASE and Sun all in one place?


Recumbent Bikes


Also Known As:


'bent or 'bents

Bicycle Recumbent

Recumbent Bike

Recumbent Bicycle

Recumbent Bicycles

Recumbant Bike (misp.)

Human Powered Vehicles


Tandem Recumbents


Looking for a recumbent bike dealer with bent riding knowledge and experience? At the Bicycle Man full service bicycle shop we have the largest selection of recumbent bikes in the Northeast. We can help you pick the recumbent bike that best suits you, your budget and your riding style.

Recumbent Trikes


Also Known As:


'bent trikes

Recumbent Trike

Recumbent Trikes

Recumbent Tricycle

Recumbent Tricycles

3 Wheel Recumbents


And there are two basic types of recumbent tikes:


Tadpole Trikes


Tadpole Recumbent Trikes

2 wheels in front

Delta Trikes


Delta Recumbent Trikes

2 wheels in rear


Each type of recumbent tricycle has its own unique advantages and we can help you find the best trike for you personally.

Electric Bike (eBike) Kits

For many people; riding a bike is a simple pleasure. And most would probably agree that they would love to "savor" the experience but, for many, there are small obstacles that keep them from doing so:
  • Climbing grades / hills.
  • Lacking the stamina for the full ride or commute.

The solution to these simple obstacles can be found in Electric Bike (eBike) Conversion Kits.


E Bike conversion kits use small battery powered electric motors to either power the bike completely or to assist the rider with pedaling.


Don't let obstacles keep you from riding - we can help you get back on the road with an ebike kit.

Recumbent Bike & Trike Specials

The Bicycle Man, LLC is a full service recumbent bicycle (bike) shop in Western, New York.


Bicycle Man offers sales and discounts on; new and used recumbent bikes, trikes and tandem recumbents as well as demo or floor model bikes, trikes and tandems.


See today's sales & specials!


See what bikes, recumbent bikes and trikes are ON SALE

More bikes and even Kayaks

Coming to Test Ride a Bike - 'Bent, Recumbent?

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  • Check the Alfred, New York Website for dining, accommodations and more!
We encourage test riding before picking from the many styles and types of recumbent bikes. And whether you call them 'bents, recumbants, recumbents, trikes, tandem recumbents, tadpoles, incumbent bikes or human powered vehicles - we can help you choose the best bike or trike to suit your taste and bike riding style.

In fact, we typically have 50 to 75 new recumbents in stock representing 30 to 40 different bent models priced from $495 to $5000. We stock all kinds of recumbents: beginner bikes, low racers, touring bikes, high racers, folding recumbent bicycles, recumbent tandems and recumbent trikes. We have recumbents made from chrome-moly, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber. We have recumbents manufactured in New York, Kansas, Colorado, California, Florida, Canada, England, Holland, Germany and of course Taiwan. We sometimes have used and demo "bents" on sale too. We recommend that you ride several bents before you decide on one for your own. Try at least one form every type and from several different manufacturers before you make a final decision. We encourage extensive test rides of ten miles (or more) to insure the bike you choose is the best bicycle for you ~ THEN you will know for certain that you have chosen the best recumbent bike for you!

We have SWB, CLWB, LWB, OSS & USS, Recumbents with front & rear suspension, rigid, folding, tandem recumbents and tricycle recumbents in stock. Customers often drive over 200 miles to test ride our 'bents. When it comes to selecting your Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) we think you should get a bike that is just perfect for you, your riding style and your budget. If you want to test ride for 2 or more days there are several motels, B&Bs and campgrounds nearby. You will find them listed on our local information page. We enjoy taking the time to fit our customers to the right recumbent bike and have therefore made a considerable commitment to have the largest recumbent inventory in the area. Feel free to test ride a wide variety of recumbent bikes here before making your decision. We also take recumbents and quality traditional bikes for trade ins.


And if recumbents aren’t your "thing" we have excellent Fuji road, mountain, hybrid and comfort bikes. Shop around; you will be surprised how much bike your budget can buy with a Fuji!



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OPEN 10:00am - 6:00pm

Wednesday through Saturday

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