2005 Burley Recumbent Bikes

We were surprised September 8, 2006 when Burley announced it was immediately stopping recumbent production. At the time Burley was one of the largest recumbent makers in the US. They reported that their recumbent business was profitable but they were losing money overall and needed to shrink and re-focus. Michael Coughlin purchased Burley and has a good track record of saving financially troubled companies. Burley is now focusing on importing their bicycle trailers.

Burley has decided not to reenter the recumbent business and has sold the recumbent tooling.

The rest of the information on this page is left for historical purposes

Burley Recumbent Bicycles for 2006


Burley introduced this new Spider and Nasoke LWBs with 5.5″ of rear suspension travel to replace the Limbo.

Spider shock

These bikes use a declining rate linkage it sure sucks up the bumps but has little effect on hill climbing power. The suspension has more travel and gives little or no trouble on hill climbs. The Spider is a bit lighter, has a lower seat and is less expensive than the Limbo too!


Will these bikes be best in their category? I ordered the Spider on the spot.

Burley also showed a new Sand Point and Adirondack LWBs based on the frame of the Koosah and Jet Creek.

Sand Point

The Sand Point sold at a price point lower than Burley has ever attempted before. At $799 retail it looked like a good value but component problems caused Burley to permanently discontinue this model. This bike used the frame, fork, seat, handlebars, wheels and brakes of the Koosah. What’s different was the drive train (crank, derailleurs, and shifters). They were much lower quality, too bad.

Burley also showed their commitment to continuing improvement by working on their seat with good results. The Corbin seat Burley was using in 2001 was not well received. In 2002, Burley doubled the foam thickness in the seat base and changed the cover from the leather some riders found slippery to imitation leather. They also increased the amount of un-recline adjustment in the seat back. While they were at it, they got the seat to slide more easily on the frame and lock securely, so that is fixed too. The new seat base stays in place better and they are working on making it easy to adjust with just a 6mm Allen wrench. Both the slide and lock well fix and the 6mm Allen wrench fix are easily retrofit-able, see your Burley dealer.

The Hep-Cat will use the original Corbin seat till they run out of them.

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