BikeE FX Recumbent Bike

BikeE went out of business in 2002.

The Bicycle Man does not have any BikeE recumbents left.
Silver BikeE FX
BikeE FX ~ 34lb.

Want to go trail riding in comfort? The BikeE FX uses the same frame as the RX tuned for off-road riding with modifications to the gears, seat & handlebars. It has 3″ of rear travel & 1 ½” of front travel to absorb a lot of the bumps found off road. Many customers like them because they make dirt roads pleasant.

BikeE FX Recumbent Bicycles

The FX rear suspension is an improvement over the AT. BikeE moved the pivot up to reduce the suspension “pogo” on hard climbing and it worked. This is a problem common on rear suspension bikes and is only really noticeable when the shock air pressure is set low for a “plush” ride. It can be virtually eliminated by raising the air pressure in the shock.

Few riders find the FX “ultra low back mountain seat” as comfortable as the high back BikeE Sweet Seat. Its design allows you to use “body english” for more off-road control. I prefer the hi-back, especially on longer rides (I’m 6’3″. Shorter riders may not notice as much difference.) The Sweet seat is an expensive option, take a look at the RX if distance comfort is more important to you than maximum off-road ability.

The FX has a downhill personality like a roller coaster. The 13-90″ mid drive gear range should get you up most anything, but you may find the 90″ high inadequate on the road. The FX comes with semi-knobby tires but really gnarly knobbies are available for getting pure off road traction.

If you like the idea of a BikeE with suspension take a look at the suspended (with suspension) Maxarya Ray 1

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