BikeE RX Recumbent Bike

BikeE went out of business in 2002.

The Bicycle Man does not have any BikeE recumbents left.
Silver BikeE RX
RX pictured without the front suspension ~ 34 Lb

Looking for a step up in a BikeE for comfort even on rough roads? The BikeE RX uses the same frame as the FX but is tuned for road riding with modifications to the handlebars, gears & seat. The Sram 9 speed cassette and triple chainrings give you 27 speeds. This gear setup provides a good range of gears similar to the CT & AT’s 3×7 hub. The V-brakes are plenty powerful.

BikeE RX Recumbent

The RX rear suspension is an improvement over the AT. BikeE has moved the pivot up to reduce the suspension “pogo” on hard climbing. This is a problem common on rear suspension bikes and is only really noticeable when the shock air pressure is set low for a “plush” ride. It can be virtually eliminated by raising the air pressure in the shock. That is the great thing about an air shock, you can tune to get the best from a particular design.

The RX is a fine bike, it works well and many riders like it. If you are looking for a bike to take to the races, I’d recommend a lighter, lower, un-suspended (without suspension) bike.

If you like the idea of a BikeE with suspension take a look at the suspended (with suspension) Maxarya Ray 1

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