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We were surprised September 8, 2006 to hear Burley announce it was immediately stopping recumbents production. At the time Burley was one of the largest recumbent makers in the US. They reported that their recumbent business was profitable but they were losing money overall and needed to shrink and re-focus. Michael Coughlin purchased Burley and has a good track record of saving financially troubled companies. Burley is now focusing on importing their bicycle trailers.

The rest of the information on this page is left for historical purposes.

Burley Recumbent Bicycles by Burley Recumbents

Burley seems to have given up on reentering the recumbent business any time soon. We wish Burley luck with their excellent line of trailers.

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Burley Django

Burley Design (Burley Recumbents) is an employee owned co-op in Eugene, Oregon. They have a long-standing reputation for building innovative, quality Tandem Recumbents and trailers that are good values. All their bikes and trailers are hand built in their Washington factory.

Burley Limbo

In 2000 Burley introduced their first recumbent, the rear suspension Limbo. Since then has made great strides with new SWB and LWB models. All Burley recumbents use very similar seats, pivoting, adjustable handlebars, frame materials, chain management etc.

Burley Django

In 2001 they introduced the Django and HepCat SWB design. These models share a frame but different levels of component quality (gears, cranks etc) put them in different price ranges.

Burley Canto

In 2002 they introduced the Taiko and Canto LWB models. They also share a frame design with two component groups and prices. Like the Limbo they can be converted to SWB configuration without additional parts.

All Burley recumbents use Chromoly mono-tube frames. It is nice to see a company like Burley bring their reputation for quality and innovation to US made recumbents.

Burley Jett Creek
Jett Creek
Burley Koosah

We are all sold out of Burley recumbents but we do have some parts and accessories that will fit Burley recumbents.

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Click the following link for the Burley Owners Manual in pdf format. This is the manual that ships with all Burley bikes though it may not be recumbent oriented per se.

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