Easy Racer Tour Easy Recumbent Bike

Easy Racers Tour Easy
Options shown: kickstand, Super Zzipper fairing, water bottles and cages

Easy Racers Tour Easy Recumbent Bicycle

The Tour Easy is a chromoly version of the Gold Rush Replica with less expensive components. Like the GRR it is an LWB OSS bike with low pedals and fairly low seat. Tour Easys have been crossing the country for decades. Some riders say it is the best touring recumbent available, next to the Gold Rush. The ride characteristics are quite similar to the GRR.

It has excellent all-around handling and inspires confidence at high speed. The Tour comes with the Kool Back seat, V-brakes, a 9-speed cassette and a Shimano XT rear derailleur. We typically stock the Tour Easy in two or three sizes. Most riders find the Tour Easy comfortable for commuting and for short or long distance touring.

Bob and his Tour Easy
Bob, after 25,000+ miles considers his Tour Easy EX a work of art.
  • Tour Easy recumbents are available in these sizes: S, S/M, M, M/L, L
  • All Tour Easy bikes have 27 speeds.
  • The S&S models have high pressure 20X1 1/8″ front 700X28cm rear Presta valves
  • The EX models have high pressure 20X1.5″ front 700X35cm rear American valves

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