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Just what the doctor ordered?

Don’t let physical limitations stop you from enjoying the outdoors on a bike!

A Recumbent Bike or Trike may be just what the Doctor Ordered!
Are you wishing you could be riding a bike again? A recumbent bike or trike just may be what the doctor ordered!

We stock many bike and trike designs that are far more adaptable and accessible than the typical upright two-wheeled bicycle concept. Maybe a new recumbent bike or trike would bring back your freedom to ride.

Over the years we have adapted / fitted recumbent trikes for riders who use a walker or forearm crutches. Riders who have lost the use of one arm or who need help transferring from a wheelchair into their trike. Exercise is important if you are in peak health and even more important if your health peaked quite a while ago.

Some of our customers are recovering from multiple hip and knee replacements, spinal fusions, traumatic brain injury, amputation, car or motorcycle accidents heart attacks or stroke.

Recumbent Trikes may help you set aside the walker or wheelchair if only for a little while
Recumbent Trikes may help you set aside the walker or wheelchair if only for a little while

We have customers who successfully ride in spite of nerve disorders, balance ailments, MS, ALS and Parkinson’s. Some were serious bike racers, fitness buffs and commuters. Others are reformed couch potatoes, dieters and even folks just out of cardiac & post-operative rehab. A recumbent bike – trike is working for them; it may well work for you. We have fitted recumbents for riders from age 9 to 90. Recumbents are a very versatile, adaptable & adaptive means of comfortable exercise, rehab and transportation.

Adaptive pedals and cane holders let Gary ride again!
Adaptive pedals and cane holders let Gary ride again!

Personally I find working with these customers extremely rewarding. You may call them differently able, handicapped or physically challenged, I call them overcomers. When life gave them every excuse to sit down and feel sorry for themselves they refuse to be counted out of the game. They don’t expect riding to be as easy for them as it is for their friends and neighbors, but what is anymore? My hat is off to them! Now how can I help you!

Indoor Stationary Recumbent Exercise Bikes & Bicycles

Whether the climate or physical limitations prevent you from riding in the great outdoors it is important to know there are still options for your health & fitness needs. Recumbent exercise bikes (sometimes called; recumbent fitness bikes, indoor recumbent exercise bikes or stationary recumbent exercise bikes) provide a great way to stay in shape all year long.

Recumbent Fitness Bicycles from the Bicycle Man provide diverse resistance levels for your fitness & rehab needs.

Stationary exercise & fitness recumbent bikes are very versatile and can be used for fitness, aerobic exercise, weight loss and training for various kinds of cycling events. Whether you require exercise equipment for low impact aerobic exercise or serious off season training ~ indoor fitness recumbent exercise bikes offer distinct advantages and the greatest advantages to an indoor – stationary recumbent fitness bike – recumbent exercise bike are obvious.

  • Stationary (Indoor) Recumbent Exercise Bikes provide safe, low impact aerobic exercise that has been used for physical therapy and Cardio Rehab for years.
  • Recumbent Fitness Bikes are generally more comfortable because the rider is seated in a more natural slightly reclined position.
  • Convenience ~ Simply put, life can keep us so busy we may not always have the time to prep for a ride outdoors. Indoor Recumbent Fitness Bikes help us to maintain our exercise routine from the convenience of our own homes.
  • Weather is no longer a factor. This is a big advantage for riders who desire consistency regardless of inclement weather or temperatures that would normally keep them from riding.
  • Aerobic exercise improves cardiovascular health and circulation.
  • You can watch your children, watch TV, listen to music and still get a great workout in the comfort of your own home.

Test riding is best!

Test riding is the best way to see what type of bike/trike works for you and which model you enjoy most. Spend a few days if you like. Try them in a parking lot, on back roads and up hills till you know what you want. If you just can’t come try them we can work with you by phone and email then ship one to you.

Test Ride your next Recumbent Bike - Trike at the Bicycle Man in Alfred New York
Test Ride your next Recumbent Bike – Trike at the Bicycle Man in Alfred New York

We have

  • SWB – Short Wheel Base
  • CLWB – Compact Long Wheel Base
  • LWB – Long Wheel Base
  • OSS – Over Seat Steering
  • USS – Under Seat Steering
  • Recumbents with Suspension
  • Rigid Recumbents
  • Folding Recumbents
  • Tandem Recumbents
  • Tadpole Recumbent Trikes (Tricycles)
  • Delta Recumbent Trikes (Tricycles)

in stock and ready to test ride.

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