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Hase Tagun Recumbent Bicycles


The Hase Tagun Recumbent Bike

Hase Tagun Recumbent Bicycle


If you want a Long-Wheel-Base (LWB) recumbent with Under-Seat-Steering (USS) and rear suspension the Hase Tagun is about your only choice. The rear suspension does a good job of soaking up bumps but it also adds a 5 to 7 LB weight penalty over other LWB USS bikes like the Linear Limo or Longbikes Slipstream. In our experience most riders who have ridden these three bikes tend to buy either the Linear or Longbikes.

The Tagun is maneuverable and most riders find its mesh seat pretty comfortable. Its seat height is adjustable with the rear suspension, which is unique. The Tagun suspension swing-arm can be folded for transportation in some cars. Just remove the front wheel, fold the swing-arm and seat and it is ready. It folds easily but does not get tiny. It will not fit in some car trunks. Racks and bags are available options. Most Hase accessories are also compatible with the Tagun.

The Tagun can be ordered with 9 or 27 gears. The 27 gear version uses a Sram Dualdrive rear hub which adds another pound. It can also be ordered with the 14 speed Rohloff or the Rohloff can be added later since the Tagun comes equipped with the OEM Rohloff dropout. We can order the Tagun but do not typically stock it. We stocked the Tagun in 2006 so I am familiar with it.


Tagun Specifications

length overall

72" to 90"


Adjustable from 23" up

overall height

variable 31" - 43"

Seat height

adjustable from 19" - 27"

BB height



39 lb


air shock


9 shimano

Gear racge

29" to 91"


20 Zoll?




Mechanical Disk

frame material

Cromo steel


red or black powdercoat

Rated load

260 lb


•  The frame size of the Tagun is  adjustable.

•  We reserve the right to make alterations.



lights, fenders, kick stand, rear carrier





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