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The Lightfoot Ranger


The Lightfoot Ranger a rugged Chromoly bike suitable for larger riders.

Lightfoot Rangers are cycles built of 4130 Chromoly steel and most suitable for larger riders. They are OSS and LWB with dual 26" wheels. Lightfoot does not sacrifice strength to save weight. The large diameter bottom tube makes the frame stiffer for predictable handling at speed. Lightfoot builds serviceable bikes that are rugged and have room for big tires and fenders.

The Lightfoot mesh seat is large, very sturdy, and breathable. It has a large, padded contoured bottom. The seat base foam pad is replaceable.

Some riders prefer Over Seat Steering. They feel more at home with handlebars in front of them, like their old upright bikes. OSS handlebars allow you to easily steer the bike while pushing the bike down a hall, up a hill or with a flat.

Other riders prefer Under Seat Steering. They find USS more ergonomic, comfortable and intuitive. The first recumbent reviewer (in 1905) rode a bike with USS and found it not only comfortable but also easy to control. Test riding is the best way for you to find which you prefer.

Lightfoot has stopped selling through dealers. We stock the similar (but lighter) RANS Stratus XP.




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