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The ICE Adventure Folding Recumbent Trike - Tricycle

ICE Adventure


Ice Adventure Recumbent Tadpole Trike - see full size



In 2010 Trice replaced their T model with the new Adventure. Both the T and the Adventure are higher, more relaxing, easier to get into and out-of and a bit slower than the old Ice Q/new Ice Sprint trikes.

The Adventure is available with 20” rear wheel, no suspension, 20” rear wheel with suspension and 26” rear wheel with no suspension. The trikes with 20” wheels have lower gears for climbing than the slightly faster 26” wheel version. All Ice Adventure models have the Ice compact flat twist frame. The Ice Adventure’s handling is very good. High speeds are easily controllable, low speed handling is fine but the U turn circle is quite large. Brake steer is moderate. Pedal steer is minimal too. Being higher than the Sprint it will be slightly more likely to tip in fast, sharp turns. In practice this is rarely an issue for mature riders while those tough youthful riders of any age (you know who you are!) may like the high speed cornering of the lower Sprint. The Adventure also has more ground clearance which can be nice on some dirt roads or maybe urban obstacles like speed bumps.

The Sprint is available in four configurations. In ascending price they are: 20” rear wheel rigid; 26” rear wheel rigid; 20” rear with rear suspension and fully suspended. You can’t have an Ice trike with a 26” rear wheel and suspension, sorry. Ice’s rear suspension is not much changed from last year’s T and Q. It’s a simple short travel elastomer and works well to smooth out road bumps. Their new front suspension uses a similar elastomer.


Adventure 1 20”


Ice Adventure Folding Recumbent Tadpole Trike - see full size

This is the entry level Adventure. Without their rear suspension it’s a bit lighter weight and lighter on your wallet too. This is a fine little trike, good high speed handling, fine low speed handling but U turns can be tough as its turning radius is pretty large. The 20” wheel gives lower gears for hill climbing than the 26” option. The 20” versions also fold slightly smaller than the 26”, especially if you install fenders or a rear rack.

Adventure 20” with suspension

The Ice rear suspension is only available with a 20” rear wheel. It works well on smaller bumps and road vibrations. It’s not an off road/large hit system. Riding the suspended Adventure you can forget it has suspension. It is silent, no squeaks or rattles. Climbing it doesn’t bob and suck your energy.

Ice Adventure 26

The Ice Adventure equipped with the optional 26″ rear chain-stays and wheel it is bit faster than the 20” versions. The 26” rear wheel makes it a bit faster than the 20” – but you can’t have 26” and rear suspension on the same trike, sorry. Bumps aren’t as noticeable with the big rear wheel trike; especially small bumps like the rough pavement texture of a chip seat, oil stone country road.


Ice Adventure Folding Recumbent Trike - see full size


Ice Adventure FS

The Adventure fs trike has 3 20” wheels and elastomer suspension on all three wheels. The Adventure’s high ground clearance allows you to ride in some rougher places where a the all wheel suspension will be appreciated. It’s not a racing trike but it is quick enough for commuting or touring. The low pedals and high seat combine to make this a very relaxing trike.

The Adventure FS is available in two component groups, the Adventure 2 fs with twist shifters add cable actuated front drum brakes and the Adventure 3 fs with bar end shifters and hydraulically actuated front disk brakes. Some love hydraulic brakes, they work great and are very low maintenance. Some hate them; they can leak fluid and require special tools and parts if maintenance is required. The 3 is not available with mechanical disks and cannot be converted to mechanical disk brakes.

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