Vision R-50 Recumbent Bike

Vision went out of business in November of 2003. Their last phone line was disconnected in January 2004, their jigs and tooling were sold on Ebay about a year later. If you are considering one of their US bikes remember, some parts will be unavailable i.e.: handlebars, seats, seat upholstery. You might consider the Linear USS recumbents instead.

Vision R54
Vision R54

Vision R-50 Recumbents

The 50 series recumbents are Vision bikes with full suspension. Comfort is their strength, hill climbing is not. Suspension bikes take the phrase “comfort without compromise” seriously. Completely new in 2000, they have the best suspension Vision ever made. The stiffer rear swing-arm gives you almost as much high-speed control as the rigid R-44 or 45. If you are looking for total comfort on bumpy roads, the 50 series is worth looking at. All 50 series bikes accept standard rear racks and panniers.

Vision rear suspension bikes tend to “bob” with hill-climbing pedaling effort, this makes climbing harder. The newer R-50 series rear suspension bikes “bob” less and climb better than the older 40 series bikes with rear suspension. The R-40 rear suspension also flexed quite a bit laterally, making high-speed handling poor.

The R50 has the R-40s value priced component group mounted on Vision’s new in 2000 full suspension frame. It’s a bike that is affordable, and yet comfortable on any road.

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