Vision R-60 Recumbent Bike

Vision went out of business in November of 2003. Their last phone line was disconnected in January 2004, their jigs and tooling were sold on Ebay about a year later. If you are considering one of their US bikes remember, some parts will be unavailable i.e.: handlebars, seats, seat upholstery.

Vision R64
Vision R64

Vision R-60 Recumbents

The R-60 “Saber” series bikes are the fastest bicycles Vision has ever made. With dual 26″ (650c) wheels, their handling is a bit more like a traditional road bike but with the comfort of a recumbent. The Saber bikes have more laid-back rider position and a higher bottom bracket. They put the rider in a faster low wind resistance position, have higher seats than most recumbents, riders under ~5’8” may have trouble reaching the ground. The 650c wheels have low rolling resistance. Many thin, high-performance road tires are available in the 650c size. I can not find tires wider than 25mm (1”) which could be a problem if you want to ride on dirt roads or trails.

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